110 Important MCQs for PPSC Computer Science

The most repeated MCQs in PPSC Past Papers.

1: A normal CD ROM usually can store up to data?

680 MB.

2: CT scan stand for?

Computed Tomography.

3: LTE stands for?

Long Term Evolution.

4: To copy a picture of the screen to the clipboard use?

Print Screen Key.

5: NOS stands for?

Network Operating System.

6: What term describes a picture that has been resized by a percentage?


7: Add or remove program is a?

Utility Program.

8: Google has it’s headquarter?


9: MPG extension used for?


10: Windows 2007 is an?

Operating System.

11: Software Program that control a piece of hardware is called?


12: Internet is a?

Network of Networks

13: Small files that are deposited on user’s hard drive when they visit a website a website are best describe as?


14: _________________ is to protect data and password?


15: A__________ certificate is a notice that guarantee a user or a website is legitimate?


16: In MS word, which view shows margins and ruler?

Page layout.

17: The word Pentium is related to?


18: In power point__________ Contains predefined.


19: Slides sorter can be accessed through ____________ menu?


20: The world largest computer company by sales is?


21: A computer mainly consists of electronic?


22: In MS power point, clip art option available in __________ menu?


23: Disk Clean-up is a?

Utility Program.

24: Twitter is a?

Social network service.

25: UPS stands for?

Un-interruptible power supply.

26: In MS word 2016, to extend a selection to one line up, press _________ keys from keyboard?

Shift + up arrow

27: The ALU of a computer responds to the commands coming from?

Control section.

28: In Microsoft Window 7, which of the following is not a gadget?

Recycle In.

29: Analog signal is measured in?


30: Illustrations group is in which tab?


31: To set Indent, to change margins and to set tabs show under_________?


32: To select all slides or more than one slide in the presentation?

Shift + Click on slide.

33: In MSWord 2016, Screenshot is in?


34: Clipboard in home is used for?

Storage of letters.

35: MS WORD automatically save document after every?

10 minutes.

36: Short cut key for next slide?


37: Which of the following keystroke updates a bibliography field?


38: RAM & ROM are part of?

Main Memory.

39: Which of the following is used to change a margin in MS office.

Page setup dialog box.

40: Which do you see if you hover the mouse over a chart object?

Screen Tip.

41: In MS Office, to have your macro available to all new documents you create, Store it in?

Normal template.

42: BIOS is stored in?

Flash memory chip.

43: Move between worksheets in workbook?

CTRL + Page Up

44: Break a Column?

CTRL + SHIFT + enter

45: What is the largest hardware company?


46: Which technology is used in compact disks?


47: MS Excel 2016, one has to go-to option for setting or clearing print area?

Page layout.

48: Bios is used for?

Loading operating system.

49: Orientation of page in word can be changed from?

Layout Tab.

50: In MS Excel 2016, Conditional formatting option is available in ________ menu?


51: Mac is an?

Operational system.

52: When collection of various computers seems a single coherent system to its client. Then it is called?

Distributed system.

53: Term which refers to sharpness or clarity of an image is?


54: Shortcut key for creating chart?


55: To create a form wizard, we use how many tables?


56: Macintosh, a personal computer was developed by?


57: USB is belong to?

Secondary generation.

58: Who is current CEO of google?

Sundar Pichai

59: Which software after Microsoft send largest is?


60: Working area of MS Excel is called?


61: Getting data from a cell located in a different sheet is called?


62: In Excel, spacing in column is called?


63: Name of Bill Gates wife is?

Melinda Gates.

64: ________ Files are used to help recover lost data if the program or computer is abnormally halted?


65: Insert end note in word 2016 which shortcut key is used?


66: A file which contains readymade style that can be used for a presentation is called?


67: In MS power point slide master options is available in _______ tab?


68: When you move from one slide to another slide is called?

Slide Transition.

69: Word Art option exists in?


70: Readymade template are available under ______ tab in now button?


71: This allows to enter new data at the current position of the cursor?

Insertion mode.

72: ________ Maintains database of webpage containing information on variety of topics?

Search Engine.

73: In Bank, the data on cheque is read by the device?


74: Who is the creator of LINUX OS?

Linus Torvalds.

75: In power point 2016, Rehearse Timing, option is available on?

Slide Show Tab.

76: Computer Software Company, Microsoft located in?


77: _______ is not Multi-tasking operating system?


78: Two kinds of sound effect files than can be added to presentation are?

Wav file & mid file.

79: Page setup dialog box does not contain?

Page break preview.

80: Default language of Microsoft word is?

USA English.

81: In e-mail account, ________ contain a list of names and email address?

Address book.

82: In MS Word, the extend a selection one screen down, peer?

Shift + Page down.

83: Internet was first developed in?


84: Latest version of MS Excel is?

Excel 2019.

85: What type of disk can handle largest amount of data?

Flash drive.

86: What Excel feature you can use if you want to work with one record at a time?

Data form.

87: How you can copy the screen by?

AlT +Print screen.

88: How many margins are on a page?

Four: Header, footer, left, right.

89: In order to save a word document in a web page?

Save as HTML.

90: Which is the default port of HTTP?


91: Graphics files extensions are?


92: What is URL?

Address of page on web.

93: A dumb terminal has?

Keyboard and screen only.

94: Which button you click to add a series of number?

Auto sum button.

95: In Window 7, _______ can give you information about weather?


96: Speed of laser jet printer, is measured in?

Page per minutes.

97: Extend selection one character to right side?

ALT + Right arrow.

98: Joy Stick is an?

Input Device.

99: Information on a hand disk is usually backed up using a?


100: _______ is widely used for transmit streaming videos data on the Internet?


101: Which key is used to reverse the last action?


102: Which of the following search engine is develop by micro soft?


103: What let you to create new presentation by selection readymade font color and graphics affects in power point?

Design Template.

104: Users can opens MS Excel 2016 file at the sometimes?


105: DOS cannot retrieve ay data from a disk if a computer virus corrupts its______?

Directory area.

106: Which of the following expansion slots has highest speed?


107: Fax viewer is a?

Utility Program.

108: _______ contains a magnetic strip?

Credit card.

109: Window explorer is a?

Utility Program.

110: Drivers of computer hardware are?

System Soft Ware.

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